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Baxterley Hall

The history of Baxterley Hall is not well documented and is obscure in places.

Opinions differ, but it seems fairly certain that there were two ‘Baxterley Halls’ and also in the Middle Ages probably a Manor House close to Baxterley Church as well.

The ‘Baxterley Hall’ most referred to once stood just to the west of what is now called the ‘Top Orchard’ ( bungalows built in the 1970s).

The second was sited at Wigston Hill by the junction of Smithy Lane and the Hurley Road, opposite Drybrooks Farm.

A Brief History

Using archive material it is possible to trace the owners and tenants of the Old Hall from the time it was rebuilt in 1538.

It was owned by the crown but was purchased by Robert Earl of Essex after the dissolution of Merevale Abbey in 1538 during the reign of Henry V111.


Leased to John Glover who had the Hall 'rebuilt' - the Hall was later inherited by Hugh Glover who was John's nephew (d. 1614)


John Glover a descendant of Hugh sold it Thomas Strong


Sold to Joseph Boutbee whose family owned coalmines - his son also called Joseph lived at the Hall as well.

John Boultbee inherited the Hall and later moved out leaving Countess Lousia Kintore (1799-1841) as either tenant or the new owner.  Her pencil sketch is the only drawing known of the Hall and possibly the only surviving record of what it was like.


The Old Hall was demolished.